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  On September 10, 2005 in Houston, Texas, at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center a passionate, frustrated group of parents, school principals, educators, and business leaders led by Gary and Karen Smith, assembled to discuss meaningful strategies to motivate teenagers to make wise life choices and reach their full potential. Each shared a common experience of watching too many teens lose there way. 

  From this, and subsequent meetings, a twenty-one member Board of Directors was confirmed, and Discovery Youth Foundation was formed. Our aim was, and is to motivate, inspire, inform, expose, and guide teens  to achievements that many thought impossible. We set out to shape an extraordinary summer enrichment program that would introduce teenagers to exciting careers, entrepreneurship, community involvement, and life management skills. 

  Learners are introduced to different ventures each day. Success partners are expected to make memorable, practical presentations by including classroom and hands-on experiences. Students are exposed to fields and environments that many never knew existed. Teens are challenged to expand their vocabularies, read positive books and are assigned a year-round mentor to monitor progress. Rewards and incentives are used to motivate and encourage active participation.


  Our mission statement is, "Motivating students to DISCOVER, DEVELOP, and EMPLOY their God-Given talents, igniting a passion for being the absolute best that they can be.” 

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Motivating students to DISCOVER, DEVELOP, and EMPLOY their God-Given talents

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